About Us

Some notes about us...

Here is where we wish to bring the Group Berlys during the next years.

A success story...

The effort is finally rewarded. A few years only after the starting up of their project, the expected reward became a reality. During the CHRP congress, the founders of the Group Berlys received the highest distinction as recruitment services firm.

The founders of the Group Berlys believed in their vision, defended it and now, the recognition of all is confirmed.

They wanted to lead their message of integrity and respect farthest possible. Today, they are quoted in reference, them and all the members of the Group Berlys.

They said that to believe in the quality of their products and services, proposed in right price, could only bring them to the summit.

And they are at the top of their profession. They are imitated by weak ones and criticized by the jealous persons, but never downgraded.

Their customers congratulate themselves every time they used their services. And the competitors who understood that the solution proposed by the Group Berlys and its' members is the only one who works, would like too to join and become partner. It is necessary to add that does not become who wants. Indeed, it is necessary to answer favorably the professional ethics and the ethical code which the Group Berlys implanted in all its operations.

That is why more and more administrators admit that the specialized recruitment exercised in a successful structure with good tools can be a favorable element in the war of the talent.

The founders of the Group Berlys can use an enormous quantity of success as business card. They have proofs. They are right to be proud and they are obliging to share with their customers of their precise and functional effective advice. They polish up their analyses by comparing them with a multitude of winning solutions and press their services on quality tools which they know how to use with talent.

The founders of Group Berlys and all their affiliated members represent the new standard in recruitment. Their approach is human and respects the expectations of all the bosses and their future employees. It is what we call a win-win situation

Our Values


All the partners members of the Group Berlys treat their customers with the greatest integrity. Be assured than never one of our partners will turn over to seek one of the candidates placed on your premise after the guarantee of remplacement is completed.


The respect of the needs for our customers as our candidates will be always at the base of our relations. We deal with Human beings, we must respect their diversities and their cultures. We are there to help them to make the best decision possible in spite of the monetary cost. In the long term… It is profitable!