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Self-Employed – To be or not to be? That is the question !

The concept Have you ever noticed that many people who go out into business, realize after a while, that they have finally created a job! They are simply self-employed. The difference between having a business and being self-employed is simple; are you able to not be present all the time without changing anything to your…
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The incredible request from a recruiter!

(The following story has been doing the buzz on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (mostly in French) ... the english transcript isn't perfect!) A young man applied for an important position at a large corporate. He passed the initial set of interviews and was about to meet the director for the final interview. The director saw…
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Votre cv c’est votre carte d’affaire ! (Available in French)

Trop souvent ces derniers temps je me suis vu refusé des candidatures à causes d'erreurs facilement évitables dans les cv de mes candidats. C'est pourquoi je vous donne ici quelques notions de bases à faire attention lorsque vous soumettez votre candidature à de futurs employeurs. Premièrement ayez toujours en tête que votre cv c'est votre…
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